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The dream of a child is important and is a hidden gem that can and will shine in their future. Naveed, The Rocket Engineer is an inspirational book for youth and parents not to give up on the dream, because with God, all things are possible.

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Stolen Property Resurrection Chronicles is the continuation of the miraculous exploits displayed by the Almighty in the fulfillment in the lives of His people. Pastor Esther Goldstein and the children are used for the kingdom's purpose in new ways reaching around the world. Many destinies are divinely ordained and intertwined to display and advertise the glory of God in arenas to change atmospheres. It is just the beginning.

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He keeps me is a devotional journey of revelation and insight birthed out of prayer. Searching the Word of God revealed the many ways that He has kept me and continues to keep me. Each day is an opportunity to recognize that God is mindful of you, even in the small things that you may have overlooked.

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The Trilogy

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SABOTAGE, The Final Chapter pieces together the dark side of Tristan, Arianna and Takeshi's lifestyle of murder, intrigue, contempt and lies, while experiencing God's mercy, grace, eye-opening revelation and truth. The readers who have followed the drama in the previous books, Contempt and Reasons, will experience the conclusion in the maze of mystery that captured their attention. The story ends with answers to the many questions about the life of each character and their unfolding destinies. Your heart will skip a beat as you discover the answers to the truth.

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Who is that girl? The intrigue continues the lives of Tristan, Arianna and Takeshi are exposed in the web of many secrets from their past through their children. Reasons answers the many questions of who, what, when, where and why that were left unanswered at the ending of Contempt. The truth is embedded in every page as the reader attempts to find the conclusion of this story. Contempt lured and captivated readers into a world of a thought-provoking drama. Becky DeWitt has responded to the unanswered questions of the destiny of many lives from Contempt with the sequel, Reasons. Is this really the end?

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Contempt is the riveting journey through deceit, death, and betrayal which was a way of life. It is the journey of the twists and turns of life, taking toil, leaving one in devastation. Only the arrival of a miracle just in time changes everything. Nothing just happens. Becky DeWitt leads the readers through a maze of mystery and intrigue capturing ones' fascination. Available NOW at

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In celebration of the 20th year of writing Becky DeWitt has released 'Articles For Consideration'. This book is the compilation of earlier articles that she has chosen  from her library. She has published 12 books and numerous articles and continues the journey as the Pen of a Ready Writer. Available NOW at

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A daily devotional to inspire the Believer. Reading this book will be an experience to build a closer relationship with the Everlasting Father. The scriptures are for daily thoughts to be continued in meditation through out the day. Focusing on the Word of God positions the mind for the day. Included is the opportunity to record one's daily revelation from the reflection of the moment. 

Available NOW at

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The signal has been released for the Believer to receive an upgrade to think differently about Faith. Faith is a mystery to many. It attracts and calls one from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This book is the experience from a seven day journey of revelations that will change your perspective. This book is also available in French and Spanish versions. It is now available at 

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The light of heaven has shined upon the children of destiny. The mystery of who they are and where they are is now unlocked for all to see. Stolen Property is an adventure into the supernatural from a Christian perspective, with awe inspiring and breath taking experiences.  


Becky DeWitt's vision will intrigue and captivate the reader's imagination into the mysterious. This book has the elements of conspiracy, greed and exposure that is a memorable read.

It is now available at Check out the 1st chapter to peak your interest before purchasing at

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