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Faith Is Calling You

The signal has been released for the Believer to receive an upgrade to think differently about Faith. 

Faith Levels

Self-examination of your faith is imperative to prepare you for the next and the new. 

The Three E's of Faith

This book inspires the Believer to take a basic look at their faith and the level of operation in their lives. 

Separation For Preparation

Ever find yourself alone and isolated more often that you would prefer? Separation for Preparation is an excellent read that explains how and why God separated us from others.

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He keeps Me

HE KEEPS ME is a devotional journey of revelation and insight birthed out of prayer. Searching the Word of God revealed the many ways that He has kept me and continues to keep me.

100 Days

This journey began with two words in a holy whisper, “100 Days.” It was the beginning of a different time with the Lord. 

The Lighted Path

The lighted path is a collection of scriptures from the wisdom books of Psalms and Proverbs to enlighten Believers as they take daily steps on the journey of life.

The Names of God

There are many names of God in the scriptures that can be found if we search with a desire to know Him more intimately.

Early Edition

The scriptures are for daily thoughts to be continued in meditation through out the day. Focusing on the Word of God positions the mind for the day. 

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Excuse Me!

A great read for those who are radical about their faith. This book will invoke and stir you to get radical with your praise and worship time. A must read for members of choirs and praise-and-worship teams.

Lips: Sacred or Scarred

Words are the most important communication tools on the planet. We are made in the image of the Creator and have the ability to speak on the highest level of any species on the planet. This book is about the mouth of the Believer and the words we use. 

The Fruit of Your Lips

The Fruit of Your Lips is the sequel to Lips: Sacred or Scarred - Take Your Mouth Off The Mess and Use It For A Miracle. We speak words into the atmosphere not realizing the effects of what we are saying. 

The Pen

The Pen is a compilation of prophetic writings over a six year period. These words contain revelation that speaks to the heart of a Believer regardless of the time or date that they written. They are filled with spirit and life.

The Early File

I am an early morning person. The words that you will read in this book are from my daily interaction with the Lord. The reason that I use the word interaction is because I talk, He listens and He talks and I listen. It is not just one-way communication in a relationship.

Articles for Consideration

The compilation of earlier articles from the writing journey of Becky DeWitt. She has chosen several from her library to celebrate her 20th year in 2018 as the Pen of a Ready Writer.

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