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Becky DeWitt pens books that capture your attention as she writes from the experiences and encounters of daily living in the journey of a Believer.

Separation for Preparation

Ever find yourself alone and isolated more often that you would prefer? Separation for Preparation is an excellent read that explains how and why God separated us from others.

Available direct from author - $5 plus shipping.

Excuse Me: My Praise and My Worship Is Radical


A  great read for those who are radical about their faith. This book will invoke and stir you to get radical with your praise and worship time. A must read for members of choirs and praise-and-worship teams.

Available direct from author - $8 plus shipping.

Lips: Sacred or Scarred


Be careful: What you say can help you or hurt you! This book points out how we succeed and /or fail in life base on the words we speak into the atomsphere. This tool will teach you how to choose your words carefully as a Believer in the Kingdom.

Available direct from author - $10 plus shipping.

The Fruit of Your Lips

The sequel to Lips: Sacred or Scarred - Take Your Mouth off The Mess and Use It For A Miracle. We speak words into the atmosphere not realizing the effect of what we are saying. Believers fail to assess the power of their words. Contrary to belief, words are not cheap. Try listening to what you are speaking. You will not only hear what comes out of you, but others also. This book will assist the Believer to weigh the words that are spoken daily.

Available direct from author - $10 plus shipping.

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